Jac Vanek

JAC VANEK at Agenda Long Beach

Jac Vanek is the face of a passionate and free-spirited youth who are fueled by adventure, exploration, and self discovery. Witty, edgy, and expressive messaging make every Jac Vanek item an incredible conversation starter. Jac Vanek represents the movers, the shakers, the ones who are brave enough to follow what they truly want in life. […]

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Tretorn at Agenda Long Beach

Inspired by its iconic Swedish heritage and contemporary outlook, Tretorn wants to act as creative pioneers, constantly challenging conventions to develop new innovative products for the evolving consumer. Tretorn offers consumers a various range of functional and stylish footwear, from rubber boots to canvas sneakers, complemented by outerwear. For more info, visit: www.tretorn.com

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July Nine

July Nine at Agenda Long Beach

July Nine is an up-and-coming American Made brand. Our bags are created with a minimalist design, using modern fabrics and leather, with functionality in mind. This year July Nine will make it’s first appearance at Agenda Long Beach, along with our entire bag line including The Roll Up Collection, a unique twist on a modern […]

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Valley High at Agenda Long Beach

Valley High is the ultimate cool-girl, streetwear brand straight out of SoCal. They specialize in cutting-edge prints and silhouettes, with the whole line fully produced in Los Angeles. Every piece is developed and designed by co-founders Chanelle Laurence and Christian Ojeda, offering original graphics and prints each season. Our Valley Girls have an affinity for […]

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Angie at Agenda Long Beach

Angie is a collection of clothing and accessories inspired by a global lifestyle and deeply rooted in bohemian and vintage influences. Launched in the early 90’s, Angie has grown into a brand that embodies a well-traveled, romantic spirit. Our designers search the world for incredible art to bring clothing to life. We are not afraid […]

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Slate Swim

SLATE SWIM at Agenda Long Beach

SLATE SWIM is back this season at Agenda, exhibiting their R17 collection- true to the brand’s minimalism. Sleek silhouettes meet natural colors to create sexy, swimwear classics. Come by the booth to see how Slate has made a statement since the December 2015 launch. For more info, visit: www.SLATESWIM.com

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Petals and Peacocks

Petals and Peacocks at Agenda Long Beach

Petals and Peacocks is a women’s lifestyle brand founded by couple, Victoria Velasquez and Ryan Mante. The California based women’s brand is known for their clever graphics and all-around streetwear style. Since its inception in 2011, Petals and Peacocks has been seen on trendsetter bloggers, Kristen Stewart, Jasmine Villegas, and Lucy Hale. Petals and Peacocks […]

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Introducing ComplexCon, Their 1st Annual Culture Festival

If their demographics are right, you’ve probably never been to a conference, and honestly, we’re really jealous of you. Most conferences are stuffy affairs, packed to the gills with “insiders” trying to “network”—whatever that means. Even if there’s a musician you want to see, they usually end up playing rushed sets to industry hacks glued […]

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Hydro Flask at Agenda Long Beach

Hydro Flask is the award-winning global leader in high-performance, insulated stainless steel flasks. We are excited to partner with Agenda as the official water bottle sponsor for 2016! Please visit the Hydro Flask booth at Agenda Long Beach to check out our latest products and colors. For more info, visit: www.HydroFlask.com

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Dark Seas

Dark Seas at Agenda Long Beach

Established in 2008, Dark Seas purposefully has no mission statement. We simply exist to provide coastal explorers with a quality alternative to the sea of sameness. For more info, visit: www.darkseas.com

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