Converse at Agenda Long Beach

We are excited to attend agenda this year representing converse, an iconic brand that has spoken to creative people for nearly a century. From street culture, skate, art, design and music, we connect with a wide-range of lifestyle fashion retailers. For more info, visit:

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KREW at Agenda Long Beach

KREW Fall 2016 is a story in the Synthetic Youth Faction, inspired by the time in skateboarding when it was still a subculture and the scars it left behind will all that will be left to remember. For the season, our Rights Refused program will be showcasing the work of multi-media artist Matt McCormick and […]

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The Banks Journal at Agenda Long Beach

The Banks Journal mission is to merge style and understated functionality with a sustainable approach to design and development. Inspired by the everyday journeys of our friends, we’re excited to showcase our Fall ’16 line of conscious surf and menswear. For more info, visit:

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47 Brand

47 Brand at Agenda Long Beach

’47 is bringing MLB headwear and apparel to the next level. Stop by our booth to check out our newest offering, the Global Artist Project. The Global Artist Project is a unique expression of ’47 sports licensed headwear and apparel delivered through the creative lenses of Bless, LowBros, Via Via, Conzo, McBess and Pez. For […]

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Seattle Sports at Agenda Long Beach

We’re introducing ourselves and our new line of lifestyle bags, MÜVNSTYL. This line of bags celebrates the transition from everyday life to outdoor adventure. Fashionable bags crafted with heavy-duty materials. This line of bags speaks to a world where outdoors and everyday are synonymous. For more info, visit:

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Plenty Humanwear

Plenty Humanwear at Agenda Long Beach

Plenty Humanwear is a Québec-based streetwear company founded in 2008. First inspired by arts and counter-culture sports, we have evolved naturally over the past seven years through our desire to inspire people to think further. The company is run by people who have the will to collectively design the best streetwear line you can get […]

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Bermies at Agenda Long Beach

Bermies is a line of men’s swimwear inspired in the dazzling colors of the island of Bermuda. Slightly shorter than the average trunks and made from the highest-quality materials in swimwear, Bermies celebrate your confidence, in style and comfort. Be sure to check out our trunks at the Bermies Agenda debut in January. Experience for […]

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Vuori at Agenda Long Beach

Vuori is a men’s activewear brand that draws inspiration from the coastal California lifestyle, an integration of yoga, surf, sport, art and music. Vuori products are built to move and sweat in, yet styled to transition effortlessly into everyday life. For more info, visit:

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Stance at Agenda Emerge

Agenda Emerge Presents: From the Feet Up: The Expansion of Stance View Agenda Emerge Here View Agenda Emerge Here STANCE is dedicated to the spirit of individuality with a design philosophy that believes in expression and function. Expression that creates an emotional visual connection and function that also provides comfort and performance. The outward facing […]

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Fjällräven at Agenda Long Beach

Founded in Sweden over 50 years go, Fjällräven outdoor store makes functional and durable outdoor gear for every need including hiking and camping. Fjällräven will be exhibiting at Agenda Long Beach on January 7-8, 2016. For more info, visit:

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