ROARK at Agenda Long Beach

Dem say – “Dreadlocks, the time is now. Stand up fight for your rights.” An adequate calling card for Roark to say the least, and one that drew our adventurer to the heart of the Caribbean to explore culture, coastline and the creative consumption of Ganja. Jamaica is land driven by an underlying rhythm that infiltrates both ones feet and soul. It’s also a place that exudes contrast, whether it be political, colonial, economical or cultural. Jamaica’s path was truly established in the Island’s formative years when pirates used its deep bays and treacherous reefs to hide treasure, spend money, enjoy life and foster a general sense of brutal rebelliousness. The music lights up the streets and rural communities with an anthem that’s unique to the land and its history. The reggae movement that began in the 1960’s is still the heartbeat of the people and continues to encapsulate the complexity of Jamaican society.

The collection for Spring 2018 is inspired by these happenings, Jamaican history, songs of old and artifacts collected along the way. The colors are bright, the content is decidedly Caribbean and the approach to design is purposeful – delivering product geared for your expedition on the road less traveled in Jamaica. The design inspiration is split into three directions: High Seas & an Irie Breeze, Kingston Ranking and Natural Mystic. Join us on a walk through the most positive place on Earth. Please enjoy responsibly…

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