New Strategy, New Future: Five Four Club

‘Five Four Club started to solve the problems most men face when it comes to looking good: they don’t have the time to shop, don’t care to shop, or don’t know what to buy. We’ve made it easy for you with our service that consists of a wide collection of styles, ensuring each month will […]

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Nic Galway | Emerge Conference 2016

Nic Galway envelops integrity, what he stands for creatively takes vision, courage and the willingness to step outside one’s industry and draw from life’s influences. Galway’s 16-year tenure with adidas lead him to his current role as Vice President of Global Design for adidas Originals. Galway identifies and isolates the iconic language of the brand, […]

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Jon Wexler | Emerge Conference 2016

Jon Wexler felt staying true to who he was propelled his life, pursuing his passions made him willing to jump over any hurdles to truly embrace the community of his work. With over a decade plus at adidas, Wexler is an essential member of the adidas global team, furthering the brands presence in entertainment and […]

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Mark Gonzales | Emerge Conference 2016

Mark Gonzales’s career spans over three decades, beginning as one of the key pioneers of street skating in the early 80s. Gonzales as a global pro maintains a creative hand in Krooked Skateboards, and is an ambassador of adidas Skateboarding. His personality reflects the quirkiness and uniqueness embodying skateboarding’s appeal to outcasts, leading people to […]

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Jeff Kearl | Emerge Conference 2016

Jeff Kearl is the Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman of Stance, a high-growth apparel company containing high profile investors Dwayne Wade, Will Smith and Nasir “NAS” Jones. Kearl serves on the board of directors at SkullCandy, and has invested in over 30 startup companies including Uber. At Emerge, Jeff discusses the inner workings and brand philosophy […]

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Emerge Conference | 2016

The 2016 Emerge Conference took place this year at the Long Beach, CA Convention Center featuring a curated guest list built from the industries most iconic entrepreneurs artists, designers, and marketing directors in the youth marketplace. The conference provides a unique glimpse into industry insights where business intricacies are shared Subscribe to Agenda Emerge – […]

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Slow Tide

Agenda Emerge Presents—

View Agenda Emerge Here View Agenda Emerge Here Inspired by all bodies of water and our love for art, Slowtide is a collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. We’ve dyed fabrics, mixed paints, manipulated pixels, collaborated with artists and photographers to create Slowtide. Based in Hawaii and California, […]

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Loser Machine

Agenda Emerge Presents—A Good Loser Learns to Win: Inside Loser Machine

View Agenda Emerge Here View Agenda Emerge Here In 2008 Adrian Lopez launched Loser Machine and the Dark Seas Division as an extension of his professional skateboarding career. Together, with creative friends, we build product that is inspired by the every day craftsman and mischievous gentleman from the past and present’

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Agenda Emerge January 2016

AGENDA Trade Show, the leading forum for action sports, surf, streetwear, lifestyle and sneaker industries, is hosting its fifth installment of Agenda Emerge, presented by Project Cobalt and powered by Group Y — the highly curated platform featuring some of the biggest innovators and leaders in the street culture industry, speaking about the intricacies of […]

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