Muse Bath


Muse Bath Apothecary is a botanical studio curating small batch bathing goods and self-care botanical beauty products. Every Muse Bath product is handcrafted with intentionally sourced botanicals, organic essential oils, and salts from around the world. Muse Bath invites you to dip into your muses with a bath ritual that muses your soul. Muse Bath will […]

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VISSLA at Agenda Long Beach

Vissla is excited to be back at Agenda not only to showcase our newest collection, but also to share the creativity and innovation that lies behind board building and design — two things that are essential to us as surfers. Vissla’s continued support of surf culture and craftsmanship will be the focal point of its exhibit […]

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Rowdy Sprout_KISS 1000X1000

ROWDY SPROUT at Agenda Long Beach

Kids concert tees bringing nostalgia, comfort & cool for you baby, toddler, and pre-teen. Because its never too young to rock!   For more info, visit

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American Needle

AMERICAN NEEDLE at Agenda Long Beach

Founded in Chicago in 1918 as an importer of sewing needles, American Needle soon evolved into one of the country’s premier headwear manufacturers. Through four generations in the headwear industry, this family business has been a leader in both quality and innovation for almost 100 years.   For more info, visit

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CARVED at Agenda Long Beach

Agenda is going to be a great opportunity for us to learn and meet new people. We plan on releasing a brand new product that’s unlike anything we’ve done before.   For more information, visit

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UASHMAMA at Agenda Long Beach

UASHMAMA® is a washable paper brand born in Tuscany by a husband & wife team and their four grown daughters. A washable paper that evokes sensations of warmth, similar to leather but completely natural; this is UASHMAMA’s greatest strength. Transforming a weave of simple fibers, UASHMAMA’s sustainable function collides with a fashionable lifestyle.   A […]

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SURFLINE at Agenda Long Beach

Our culture is founded on five core values that we treat as guiding lights in all that we do. We are passionate, humble, human, focused and growth-minded. These values are foundational to fulfilling our purpose for making ocean enthusiasts’ lives better.   For more info, visit

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modoc - large

Modoc Watches at Agenda Long Beach

You don’t wear the same thing every day, why should your watch look the same? Modoc Watch Co creates uniquely styled, versatile, and durable watches, and watch straps. Watch straps are easily interchangeable and can be swapped out in seconds. No matter the occasion, Modoc has you covered.   For more info, visit

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THREADJAR at Agenda Long Beach

THREADJAR is a sock label based out of Los Angeles, California, with a vision to provide a bold accessory that expresses confidence. THREADJAR takes pride in their distinct designs while providing high-quality and comfortable socks. THREADJAR will be releasing their newest collection at AGENDA.   For more info, visit

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