Agenda New York Winter 2017 Photo Recap

One of the more intimate gatherings in scale, Agenda New York City takes place in the heart of Manhattan, and hosts around 250 brands across roughly 100,000 square feet. Agenda New York City mirrors the Long Beach show’s diversity of product as well as overall experience, but in a more focused, concise package. This unique […]

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Agenda Long Beach Winter 2017 Video Recap

Centrally located directly between Los Angeles and Orange County, Long Beach exists as a point of intersection between action sports and streetwear. Long Beach has a rich history of trade shows and is where the very first Agenda show was ever held. Since 2012, Long Beach has been the home of Agenda’s two largest bi-annual […]

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profit x loss

Profit x Loss at Agenda Las Vegas

Profit X Loss gets materialistic for Spring/ Summer 2017. The collection takes inspiration from military and 90’s sports apparel. Featuring shell and distressed tracksuits, microdot camo prints, embroidered badges and appliques, tonal color pallets and a large headwear selection. Focussed on classic pieces – the collection features premium materials and is manufactured in Portugal for […]

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elbowgrease athletics

Elbowgrease Athletics at Agenda New York

Elbowgrease Athletics will showcase their Men’s Spring 2017 signature “Street-Leisure” collection at the Agenda Show in New York City, January 25th and 26th. The collection is a combination of proprietary custom knit novelty-performance fabrics and seam sealed reflective features, combined with progressive streetwear and activewear influences. Each garment is carefully engineered with an approach to […]

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Elephant & Castle at Agenda New York

The Wallet Bed is a new concept of a hibrid accessory, that combines a Phone case and your wallet… They are Handcrafted in Portugal in 100% Genuine leather. Exclusive Pieces that combine Luxury and top Design….. For more info, visit

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bella and canvas

Bella + Canvas at Agenda Long Beach

BELLA+CANVAS, the blanks brand behind the T-shirt movement, is debuting two highly anticipated collections: BLACK HEATHER and FAST FASHION. Always pushing the envelope, this year is no exception—We’ve got new color, new silhouettes, and new fabrics in stock and ready to ship. Come stop by at Agenda and see how our tees can elevate your […]

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dope sport

DOPE at Agenda New York

Drawing inspiration from both luxury lifestyle and street culture, DOPE’s clothing and accessories have built a unique following including tastemakers and music icons alike. The brand’s initial lines and boutique built a community of like­minded individuals that saw DOPE as more than just a brand, but as a lifestyle. Self­proclaimed as the Bougie Crew, the […]

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Baxter at Agenda New York

Founded in 1965, Baxter of California was one of the first companies to seriously address men’s grooming needs. The company, headquartered in Southern California, strongly believes in product quality through a commitment to research and development. Baxter of California will be showcasing their full line at Agenda with focus on the re-release of their heritage […]

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Primitive at Agenda New York

Primitive is a celebration of skateboarding and the rich subcultures that live alongside it. From the next block to the next hemisphere, we explore all environments and engage with all communities rooted in creativity and passionate expression. From rough to refined, we tell the honest stories of the beautifully imperfect cultures that make us who […]

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FairPlay at Agenda New York

As the lights of downtown start to warm up for the evening’s approach, the remaining glow if the sun’s destination for the day begins to settle. Here is where you find LA perfection. The chill in the air inspires you to layer and cozy up. Walking the city becomes more pleasure than work. This fall, […]

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