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TRETORN at Agenda Long Beach

Taking you from the woods to the city, Tretorn celebrates a lifestyle lived largely outside with functional and stylishly understated footwear, rainwear, and tennis balls. Proud of our Swedish roots, we aim to make people enjoy everyday life outside, whatever the weather or the season – in nature and in cities. We fuse a love […]

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WKNDRS at Agenda Long Beach

WKNDRS specializes in art & design focused goods, accessories and homewares for state of mind livin’. We love to collaborate with artists, stores and brands that have the same mindset and create a rad, new world. For more info, visit

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MERGE4 at Agenda Long Beach

MERGE4 is excited to showcase our newest releases from Jimbo Phillips, Eric Dressen, Sublime and more. Beyond magnificent in appearance, style and comfort, MERGE4 socks are constructed like no other. Put it all together and we’ve got some amazing socks for your feet. For more info, visit

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THREAD WALLETS at Agenda Long Beach

Minimalist in functionality, expressive in design. Thread Wallets are designed to keep up with your adventurous, fun lifestyle and compliment your personality. For more info, visit

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DANGO PRODUCTS at Agenda Long Beach

Dango Products is a company that cultivates innovative ideas for everyday carry products. We are inspired to provide simple solutions to everyday problems and aspire to nurture thoughtful design, elevating the user experience.  We believe that a person’s gear is an extension of who they are. Our mission is to help tell extraordinary stories through product experience by designing and manufacturing premium products with […]

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SHARK WHEEL at Agenda Long Beach

Shark Wheel is a company located in Lake Forest, California dedicated to making the most technologically advanced wheels in the marketplace. The Shark Wheel is completely flat on six sides, but rolls perfectly smooth. It’s #1 advantage is how well it performs over rough terrain, frequently pushing small objects left and right out of the […]

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RHYTHM at Agenda Long Beach

Rhythm brings together a unique group of individuals with a shared dream of creating a livelihood doing what they love. Drawing on influences from art, music and surf – past, present and future. Rhythm speaks to creative self-expressionists who yearn for new frontiers off the well-worn path. For more info, visit:

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SNEAKER LAB at Agenda Long Beach

Clean. Care. Protect.  South African-based Sneaker Lab started with a simple idea: to create the world’s first environmentally-friendly shoe care line.  Through the use of advanced biotechnology, Sneaker Lab has eliminated the need for soaps and chemicals in favor of a beneficial bacteria that nature uses to biodegrade organic waste, leading to a product that’s […]

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ORANGE HEAT at Agenda Long Beach

Orangeheat’s ultra soft baby and kid tees feature full-color, hand-drawn illustrations from Venice, California. Sunny or edgy, these kid-favorites capture the lifestyle of this surfer and skater Mecca like no other. With freshly imagined customization options, orangeheat apparel sells out fast and develops loyal fans. For more info, visit:

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ZANEROBE at Agenda Long Beach

Fall 2018. Innovative street-tech collection; inspired, ambitious, dynamic. Progressive fabric development, advanced color applications and evolved signature staples. For more info, visit:

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