Shop Eat Surf Recaps Agenda and the Industry

Shop Eat Surf attended Agenda Long Beach last week highlighting many strengths of the show in today’s challenging market. Tiffany Montgomery and Andrew Horan met with many of the younger and smaller brands who made the most of their time at Agenda in photo recap here. Read more here on the brands they spoke with […]

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From the Desk of Aaron Levant

Hello All, Happy New Years! Wishing you all a great start to your 2017! I wanted to personally thank everyone for playing a role in our Agenda community and share some important thoughts. On the eve of Agenda’s 14th birthday, it got me thinking about the changes since the launch of our first show in […]

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Triple Five Soul at Agenda Long Beach

Born in 1989, Triple five Soul originated as a humble storefront in New York City’s Lower East Side. Originally entitled with a tongue-and-cheek reference to one of the then-popular telephone party lines, Triple five Soul quickly became focal point for a multi-faceted, quickly emerging cultural movement. In 1997, only months after opening its flagship store […]

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Stith at Agenda Long Beach

STITH. Strong; sturdy; a synonym for the anvil. The weight of the word resonates with the strengths of the brand. In the 1300s, a stithy was a man who created weapons, armor and horseshoes on an anvil. The stithy also invented the pincer, the forge hammer and even the crow bar. He was an inventor […]

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Incase at Agenda Long Beach

With our commitment to truth in positioning, Incase recently partnered with industry leader DJI to create a range of mobility and protection solutions for their Drone assortment to further serve the creative spirit. We’re excited to expand our already well-rounded Capture collection with this natural extension of carry systems. For more info, visit

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Brixton at Agenda New York

Founded in 2004, Brixton is the collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. The clean, classic design of the Brixton collection has a modern yet timeless feel and each piece is constructed with the commitment to bringing customers quality product they’ll want to hold onto forever. For more info, […]

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Umbro Footwear at Agenda Long Beach

Established in 1924, Umbro is a Manchester football brand specializing in sportswear apparel and footwear. They are on the rise this year as they introduced their new lifestyle collection inspired by their heritage. Umbro footwear combines the aesthetic of iconic football boots with modern silhouettes to create unique pieces for life off the pitch. For […]

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Zanerobe at Agenda Long Beach

TDK collection, “They Don’t Know Me” by ZANEROBE will debut the following new styles at Agenda Long Beach (1) SU Blow relaxed fit rigid denim (2) four-way stretch Sharpshot Synth (3) loose-fit Tracer cargo-jogger (4) Camper box-fit wovens (5) Mock Neck loose funnel-neck knits and (6) new Sherpa wool-trim jacketing. Pioneering design with the quality […]

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Tavik at Agenda Long Beach

TAVIK® is an original lifestyle brand cultivated from Modern Beach Culture. Recognized for redefining and uniting the modern age with beach heritage, Tavik creates, designs, and connects subcultures through premium Men’s, Women’s and Accessory Collections. TAVIK was formed in 2004, based around the unique subculture in Southern California and the connection of beach culture to […]

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Herschel Supply at Agenda Las Vegas

Drawing inspiration from the globally iconic city of New York and 1990s nostalgia, Herschel Supply’s Season Three Collection features an expanded range of lifestyle-driven products — including an exciting new Apparel offering of wind and rain outerwear essentials. Carefully considered details and a number of distinct stories are integrated into the signature bag, luggage, wallet […]

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