Featured Fabrication at Agenda Long Beach

Don’t let your customers walk on by. Make sure your brands stand out with creative, custom, and unique retail displays & graphics. featured Fabrication can do that and so much more! Increase visibility, functionality, and overall profits by using only the best in the business. Visit our booth and check out our sample wall units, […]

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Earthpack at Agenda Long Beach

In a time of increasing environmental awareness, Earthpack is an advanced supplier of affordable recycled shopping bags and boxes for businesses of all sizes. Earthpack provides custom products and services, and continues promoting sustainability while fulfilling the individual packaging needs of eco-friendly retailers nationwide. For more info, visit www.earthpack.com.

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Centric at Agenda Long Beach

Join Centric Software at Agenda Show and learn how to leverage technology to become more competitive and bring better products to market. We have two ways to connect! Attend our PLM Panel Discussion at Agenda Workshop: “Future-proofing Our Industry” on January 6. Come to see us at our booth for a demo or a chat! […]

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Smart Levels at Agenda Long Beach

Smart Levels Media works with Agenda show to get their printing needs done right and on time – without sacrificing quality. From business cards to show guide maps, to extra large signage, Smart Levels has you covered! For more info, visit www.smartlevels.com.

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SOLE at Agenda Long Beach

SOLE is a Vancouver based eco-minded active lifestyle footwear brand. The SOLE culture revolves around community, sustainability, pain relief and innovation. To become more environmentally responsible, SOLE adopted ReCORK, North America’s largest natural wine cork recycling initiative, in 2008 and is now pioneering footwear made with recycled cork. For more info, visit www.yoursole.com.

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Clarks at Agenda Long Beach

The latest from Clarks Originals – including new profiles, reimagined icons and classic silhouettes, all expertly crafted in premium materials and rich seasonal colors. 1. Desert Welt – The iconic Clarks Desert Boot formed around the original last. Made from luxury bronto suede. Made in England with a Goodyear welt construction on a leather outsole. […]

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Skye Footwear at Agenda Long Beach

We are a small group of designers and creators. We dream, believe, and serve based on the idea that for better is better. Do good to feel good. Feel good to do good. Happy, healthy people inspire happy, healthy people. That’s the world we choose to live in. And it’s damn comfy. The West Coast […]

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Grand Trunk at Agenda Long Beach

From the moment we are born, we face the road ahead. With our first steps, we chart a course that will play out over an entire lifetime. Our curiosity grows with every turn branching off into unseen landscapes, adventures and ideas. We aren’t following a route. We’re heeding the call of the road. Grand Trunk […]

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Blind Barber at Agenda Long Beach

What we are doing at Agenda: Free Cuts, Quick Trims and showing you the best men’s grooming products on the planet. #StayHandsome. For more info, visit www.blindbarber.com.

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Agenda Workshop Returns to Agenda Long Beach

AGENDA WORKSHOP & MALAKYE SHMOOZ IS BACK! POWERED BY GROUP Y This is the 5th edition of an all-day sponsored workshop and job fair to be held on Friday, January 6th, 2017 from 9:30am-5:00pm at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Room 104A, B & C. The workshop aims to inspire and educate the […]

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