JSLV returns to Agenda this January

JSLV first hit the streets in 2007, representing our various lifestyles of skate, snow, street and graffiti culture. Since starting off by slapping stickers all over the city & providing all our crew with the basic logo tees to rock, JSLV has expanded into a collective cut-n-sew brand offering timeless pieces and special collab products in addition to our fresh tees, hoodies, denim & accessories.

In the upcoming season, we are bringing back some old school flavor with a snap cap style along with some flannel & cord fabric designs. Be on the look out for our limited JSLV Godfather Hoody we did with DJ Skee & the special backpack project we are working on with the infamous Seventh Letter Crew.

To peep the full line and see what we got up our sleeves check out: www.jslvcorp.com