Since its start in 1978, Laguna beach-based Gotcha revolved into one of the most influential surf brands of all time. Gotcha broke rules, took risks, and created products the world had never seen before and, in doing so, turned surf style into a global phenomenon. Founder Michael Tomson says, “Gotcha’s impact on the surf world and youth culture apparel was nothing short of profound. I think the main reason was we were doing everything new – it was all fresh, there was no history to be followed, and no anniversary of styles, or no businesses that had to be attended to. We were just doing it as it came to us, naturally.”

Icons of Culture is excited to bring back original designs from the vaults of iconic surf brands, Ocean Pacific (Op) and Gotcha.   The women’s and men’s collections of Op by Icons of Culture and Gotcha by Icons of Culture will boast an array of  vintage artwork, silhouettes and, in many cases, original fabrications from both brands, reviving the iconic Southern California surf style they first introduced to the world in the 1970s and 80s.

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