Bureau at Agenda Las Vegas

Sitting at 1342 U Street NW, at the intersection of the historic U Street corridor and 14th street, Bureau is a local skate shop and DC inspired menswear brand whose mission is to showcase and support creative culture in DC.

Founded by three lifelong friends who grew up in the DC area, Bureau is inspired by various subcultures in DC, both old and new. The Bureau brand pays homage to the art, history, and culture that has shaped DC culture over the years, while embracing the creative energy and ideas a new wave of urbanization has brought to the city. Bureau’s aesthetic and merchandise selection reflects this cultural shift in DC – paying homage to the classics while simultaneously catering to a new era of attitudes, trends, and styles.

When people think of DC, what often comes to mind are offices, organizations, and ‘bureaus’ affiliated with the federal government. Bureau offers the city a different kind of ‘bureau,’ – a brand that gives locals, transplants, and visitors alike an authentic window into Washington DC history and culture.  While seldom recognized by outsiders, there are thriving creative communities in DC, communities that we hope to collaborate with, support, and showcase beyond the city limits.

For more information, visit them at www.thedcbureau.com or follow them on Instagram at @dcbureau