NIION at Agenda Las Vegas

The journey began in 2013 with four souls dedicated to developing accessories people didn’t even know they needed. NIION combines functionality and style in a thoughtful and user-focused product that is sure to receive numerous compliments. Throughout the brand’s history, NIION has embodied the ideas of “young” and “fun” by allowing individuals to personalize themselves […]

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REINKARNASI at Agenda Las Vegas

Since 2011, REINKARNASI has been giving people the opportunity to express their individuality. Inspired by music icons and contrasting elements, REINKARNASI is more than just a brand of clothing, it is a lifestyle revolution. REINKARNASI designs men’s and women’s clothing with close attention to detail and distinct shapes and graphics, all crafted from the finest […]

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Koolastuffa at Agenda Las Vegas

Established in 2008, Koolastuffa is a combination of illustrators, painters, and handicraft makers translating their creative ideas into fashionable clothing. Koolastuffa fiddles with various graphics and styles, then combines them with eye-catching materials to create comfortable and mature everyday adult-wear. For more information, check them out at

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Annas Tribe at Agenda Las Vegas

Founded in Bandung, Indonesia in 2018, Annas Tribe portrays the true understanding of a brand becoming a lifestyle through the simple concept of studying and learning basic human activity. As a result, Annas Tribe has become a brand that represents the most honest effort to promote pleasure and lifestyle through the creation of outerwear. For […]

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Lemonade Stand at Agenda Las Vegas

Lemonade Stand is a New York City-based streetwear wear brand focusing on a philosophy; “No matter what life gives you keep it simple, work with what you got and above all else, Stay Thirsty!”. Founded on the upper west side of Manhattan, Lemonade Stand relies on its message to sell well branded, design-savvy Streetwear. In […]

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Glazed Co at Agenda Las Vegas

Glazed Co is a design project that focuses on encapsulating the spirit of fun in street style through vibrant and minimalistic clothing. For more information visit them at or check out their Instagram @GlazedCo

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Agenda Spotlight – Darryl Brown

Agenda is shining a spotlight on the industry insiders who have an inspiring hustle and make @agendashow unique, through a new series of videos. Check out our first Agenda Spotlight which features Darryl Brown @knarlydb – a fashion designer, entrepreneur and stylist. His work will be featured in our Agenda Style Lounge the August and […]

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Based in San Francisco, is an original urban clothing and accessory brand that offers products with good quality and creative but simple, functional designs. The brand was inspired by urban dance, which evolved from hip hop dance roots, hence oversized fitting, plus hats such as the innovative squeeze buckle hat and baggy sweatpants, etc. […]

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ROJAS at Agenda Las Vegas

Rojas is a directional Los Angeles based lifestyle and streetwear brand designed by California native Freddie Rojas. The fashion forward, unique, men’s and women’s collections are sold worldwide. All made in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit them at or follow them on Instagram @rojasclothing

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Viva La Bonita at Agenda Las Vegas

A LATINA LIFESTYLE & APPAREL BRAND INSPIRED BY THE SPIRIT OF THE WOMEN WHO ARE FEARLESS. For more information, visit them at or follow them on Instagram @VivaLaBonita

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